E-3 Visa
The E-3 is a new visa classification that is applicable to Australians seeking to enter the U.S. to work temporarily in a specialty occupation. The E-3 visa classification currently applies only to nationals of Australia as well as their spouses and children. The spouse and children need not to be Australian citizens. The applicant for the E-3 visa specialty occupation must fulfill the academic and occupational requirements for the position. To qualify for an E-3 visa, an applicant must demonstrate:

  • That he or she has a bonafide offer of employment from a U.S. employer
  • That the position he or she is coming to fill qualifies as specialty occupation employment.
  • The he or she is an Australian citizen
  • The he or she has the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials
  • The his or her stay will be temporary, and
    • That he or she has the necessary license or other official permission to practice in that specialty occupation, should it be required, before the alien may commence employment in the specialty occupation.

      The U.S. Department of Labor is required to certify a Labor Condition Application, before an individual makes an application for the E-3 visa. There is a 24-month maximum validity period for E-3 visas, however, the validity period may be extended.

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