P-3 Visa:

  • The P-3 visa classification applies to artists or entertainers coming temporarily to perform, teach or coach a artists or entertainers, individually or as part of a group, under a program that is “culturally unique.”
  • Below is a list of the procedure and documents required to obtain a P-3 visa. The petition is filed by the sponsoring organization or employer in the U.S. with:
  • A written consultation/advisory opinion from an authorizing labor organization regarding the cultural uniqueness of the alien’s or groups skills, whether the US events will be predominantly cultural in nature;
  • Affidavits, testimonials or letters from recognized experts attesting to the authenticity of the alien’s or group’s skills in performing, presenting, coaching, or teaching the unique and traditional art forms and giving qualifications/credentials of the expert including the basis of his or her knowledge of the alien’s or group’s skills;
  • Documentation that the performance of the alien or group is culturally unique as evidenced by reviews in newspapers, journals or other published materials;
  • A copy of any written contract between the employer and the alien or a summary of the terms of the oral agreement under which the alien will be employed;
  • An itinerary with the dates and locations of all scheduled performance, if performance is in more than one location;
  • A business plan about projected revenues, turnover and income expected from the proposed performances;
  • Evidence of prior shows and performances by the Petitioner.

    Additional Information:
  • A petition for P-3 may be approved for a sufficient time period to complete the event, activity, or performance described in the petition, not to exceed one year.
  • More than one beneficiary may be included in a P petition if they are members of a group seeking classification on the basis of a group as an entity.
  • The alien or group will be admitted only for the duration of the event, performance, competition, or engagement listed in the petition, and extensions may be granted solely to complete the same activity.

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